Intakt Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG specialise in providing high quality internet applications. However, we believe that a solution does not end with its implementation. Our experience allows us to offer support to our clients in helping them improve their IT infrastructure and websites performance.

Below is a list of our recent clients:

  • Imatics GmbH
  • Intakt Entwicklungs-GmbH
  • Intakt LifeSciences GmbH
  • Jahn Elektro GmbH
  • Pumacy Systems GmbH
  • Pumacy Technologies AG

Aktivreisen, Naturreisen, Rundreisen - Intakt-Reisen

Founded in 1995 Intakt-Reisen was the first German internet travel agency. We have supported Intakt-Reisen through various stages of their business development. Since 1998 Intakt-Reisen uses XML as a data interchange language – which was new at that time and enabled by a proprietary content management system. Today we play a leading role in the development of the open source environment Typo3 providing important input for further improvements and new features.


Flugbuchung für Linienflüge, Billigflüge, Charterflüge

With Intakt-Fliegen we demonstrated our expertise in the field of internet booking engines (IBE). As most of the internet travel agencies provide a centralised database containing all flight tariffs, our approach offers travellers multiple search facilities to select the desired flight. Recent developments even allow travellers to recognise environmental impacts of their flights.


Intakt Trekking allows us to meet the needs of our multinational customers.  Based on a collaboration of partners from 10 countries we developed a tourist and booking information platform which offers specialised trekking and hiking programmes. This application is based on our Typo3 framework.